Friday, 16 December 2011

Cover's night

Today was the day that I could finally use my microphone. I recorded 3 songs with it, and I have to say once more that I love it! No crappy audio, just pure sound.

I tried Kingfisher Sky's Balance of Power, Seven Kingdoms' Wolf in Sheep's Clothes and Epica's Linger. For the first two, it was nervewrecking for me. I usually sing because I feel like it, but this time I HAD to do it. So it was embarrassing for even myself. But after screwing up a couple of times and laughing about it, I started to have fun with it. I even tried The Phantom of the Opera, but forgot to save the file! =(

After trying for an hour and a half with these songs, I felt really tired. So Linger didn't come out as I was expecting, but recorded it and saved it anyway. I hope I get some more time to try other songs. Next in my list are Epica's Solitary Ground (or Chasing the Dragon), Nightwish's Cadence of her Last Breath (requested by Mark Rosera :] ) and Delain's Daylight Lucidity (or Sleepwalker's Dream). Still accepting requests or suggestions!

Let's have fun!

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