Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Back to (half) normal

Today was my first day back to work since my injury. I was so surprised by how many people missed me, both because I am a smiley, happy, cheering person and because I am damn good at my job :) They even got me a Get Well Soon card! I am part of the committee that is in charge of sending those kind of cards to employees that get married, have a baby, have an accident or a relative dies. But I never thought I was going to get anything! I mean, it just a sprained ankle (yeah, yeah, a second-degree sprain that doesn't heal until 6 or 10 weeks), but I guess being absent for 3 weeks made people miss me :) It pays to be a good person, see people!! Be nice to each other! Lol




I am just glad I am back on track. I was about to lose my sanity being confined in my house, taking a bunch of pills and keep freezing the gel packs. Never underestimate your independence. And your freedom. The best things a human being can have.