Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Best app ever!

I've decided to dedicate a blog entry to a tool that I use everyday. In my phone, that is. I can't go a day without this app and I think it's the best ever invented.

I'm talking about TuneIn Radio. It is like a radio, but with ALL the stations in the world! For every taste or age. In seconds I can start listening to the main radio station in Berlin, or my old favorite radio show from Peru.

I truly love music. All of it. Even though I'm a metalhead I LOVE listening to other stuff like Top 40s, classical music, mediation music, electronic, salsa, blues, jazz, rock, pop, etc. Now, my favorite radio station in Vancouver has an app where you can listen to them in your phone, and they make so much publicity about it. I see people commenting and saying that they got it. I tell myself "Why?! Why have one radio station in your phone, when you can have them all?". And honestly, I use all the options I can. At least once a month I'll be looking for new stations to add to my list. Doesn't matter from where, and that's what makes it more exciting.

I don't think I can listen to the same kind of music 24/7. I always need something fresh that will expand my mind and please my ears.

Other things I love about the app is that you have options like Sleep Timer. If you are the kind of person (like me) that needs some music to fall asleep and don't want your battery to die, you can set a timer to which the music will turn off. Usually it takes me about 20 mins or less to fall asleep. So I select the 20 mins timer. You can leave it up to 120 mins.
With the full version (which is what I have), I get the Record button. You can record any song or pod cast and listen to it later. I was very glad I purchased the full version because one of my musician friends was going to be in an interview on the radio about his band's new album, and I could record most of it (I missed the last part because it was very late at night and fell asleep).
You can also select Set Alarm to use your fav station as an alarm in the mornings. This setting I don't use, just because I'm used to my usual alarm sound AND because my home's wifi is so bad in my room, it may delay the sound or even not sound at all. I'd rather not take chances ;-)

So I recommend this app 100%. Probably the best app I have ever purchased. Worth every penny! I was using the free version for the longest time, and it works just as good. The only difference is the Record button and the annoying ads. But overall you get the same thing. Get it! If you love music like me you'll enjoy it just as much ;-)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Weekend in Whistler

A few weeks ago, Jeff and I got invited for a weekend to a friend's relatives' cabin in Whistler, a famous little city at north of Vancouver known for being a skiing and snowboarding paradise to adrenaline junkies and winter sports athletes worldwide. I had never been there in winter time, just once in summer time when the mountain is green instead of white, and they held different kinds of activities like mountain biking and stuff like that. It was gorgeous! Just the mountains itself, plus the pines covered in snow were amazing. And we had great weather, too. The sun was shining bright and everybody looked so happy. There were many families too, since it was the province's first Family Day: a holiday that had just been instated the year prior by our premier, Christy Clark. So it was a very lively day out in the Village.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money to get skii/snowboard rentals, nor I owed any winter sports clothing. So I stayed with a handful of our friends in the cabin that we were all staying in. We went for a walk and finally some drinks. It was a lovely day. Dinner and heavy drinks would come in later :P

The next day we were getting ready to go. But I didn't want to leave Whistler without at least trying ONE snow-related activity. Sure, I went ice skating the night before, but I can do that in Vancouver! So Jeff and me grabbed a sled and went looking for a nice snow-covered hill. There weren't that many of them, but I finally had the experience of sledding. It was so much fun! We had a blast. I wish I had the right outfit for it though. All in all, it was an awesome weekend, and I can't wait to go back. Maybe next time I will actually go skiing or snowboarding ;-)