Sunday, 11 December 2011

Challenge list

I've realized that I can't use my microphone while my parents are at home. The only time I'm at home is at nighttime, and so are my parents, and they get freaked out when we are too noisy because we live in a basement with paper-thin walls. We have had a neighbour before that used to knock on the wall whenever we were too noisy. So now my parents are paranoid (even though that neighbour is long gone!)

The only day I will have it for myself will be Friday. Then I'll have the chance to use my microphone =D So, until that day comes, I'm making a list of which songs to cover. So far, I have:

  • Kingfisher's Sky - Balance of Power
  • Seven Kingdoms - Wolf in Sheep's Clothes
  • Epica - Linger
  • Epica - Solitary Ground

Nothing else crosses my mind right now. I need help to fill this list! Any suggestions? ;-)

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