Monday, 16 September 2013

About good-byes

Not too long ago, my ex-supervisor got transferred to a different store. He was moving to a different city with his boyfriend and the distance was too much to travel. So in his last day at work we had a cake for him and a small gathering at our usual pub across the street from our workplace. I had changed departments and we weren't working together anymore for the past six months, but I still talked to him and discussed work related stuff here and there. And even though we never got to the point of going out for a drink together, or talked about private things (something that many people eventually do after they've worked together for so long), I had my soft spot for him. And somehow, seeing him go was hard. Not only because he was one of the best supervisors we had, but because I believe it's human nature to get attached to some things and people.

It was even worse with my previous supervisor. She and I had become quite good friends. In a specific occasion, somebody had stolen 33 boxes of an expensive antihistamine. She had found the security tags glued to each other and made into a ball, hidden in the back of the cough drops shelf. I had spent almost half an hour tagging those boxes a couple of days before, and every box had a value of $35+. Our section had suffered a major robbery, and that had made me quite upset. My supervisor had noticed how frustrated I was and took me next door for a big, creamy ice cream. And that was a gesture that I will never forget. The day she left, I wanted to take her for an ice cream, but everybody had invited her for lunch/coffee/dinner, and all her breaks were unavailable. So I only gave her a hug and told her "See you soon".

I am not good with saying "good-bye". It makes me feel like I will never see that person again.
Even when I come back here from visiting my family and friends in Peru, I don't tell them "bye". I say "See you later!".

But there always has to be some sort of closure.
Not saying "bye" creates an "unfinished business". And although it's hard on the heart, it's peaceful for the mind. Knowing that whatever it happens, at least you gave them a smile.
And hopefully a good picture in their minds to carry you with them forever.