Thursday, 13 December 2012

Brightening up Vancouver

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I have had enough with subtle, colour-draining lipsticks; and bought a bright Revlon lipstick. A very in-your-face shade called "Love That Pink". Maybe I was just bored of what I had, or maybe I just couldn't accept the fact that no lipstick would match my skin tone. So when I asked the cosmetician at work which shade would be better, she chose the pink one. "It goes better with your skin tone" she said. "Really?", I thought skeptically. So I tried it on. I received so many compliments that day that I wore it again the next day. Even my manager said "Nice lipstick!". It made me giggle a bit.

The next week I was craving for more colours, so I went back to the Cosmetics department and bought the shade that I had originally thought of. It was as bright as the other shade, but in coral. It was also Revlon and it was called "Kiss Me Coral". I also loved it. I got a couple of compliments, and felt really good about wearing bold colours on me. Of course I didn't wear lipstick everyday, because then it doesn't feel special anymore. Plus I really like my face with not that much makeup on. The real me is as pretty as any other look :)

However, I felt like I needed another colour. Something more red. And I promised myself that this one was the last lipstick I was going to buy in a while. It was my Christmas party very soon anyway, and I really wanted a bright red shade. So I went back to the Revlon stand, and bought the "Fire and Ice" shade. I loved it just as much, but I ended up wearing my Marcelle "Amour" lipstick to the party. It was just a stronger red than the Revlon. Anyway, I wore the new shade during the week. I felt a bit shy with bright lipstick on me, but at the same time I embraced the difference. It made me feel empowered. There's some sort of magical with bright lipsticks. Not that many women dare to wear reds, and I really didn't want to be one of them.

From left to right: "Love That Pink", "Fire & Ice", "Kiss Me Coral"

All lipsticks I use have to be applied with previous lip balm. Otherwise my lips would crack! I must have some sort of allergy to lipsticks. It happened with almost every brand! So the lip balm I use is SoftLips. I like the shape of the stick, it's inexpensive, it has a nice scent (I have the honeydew one) AND it works. With other lip balms, I can't feel it working. But this one does, as soon as I apply it. I wouldn't trade my lip balm for anything. I've even tried the new and fancy EOS, but it didn't do anything. It even felt like a heavier coat on my lips, and I didn't like that.

Even Jeff likes my lipsticks. I usually don't wear them because I'm too self-conscious. But he assured me they looked nice. Although I know deep inside he prefers me with no lipstick at all. He'd rather kiss me all over with no lipstick rather than just staring and kissing in the cheek to a pretty girl ;-)

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