Thursday, 18 October 2012

About the hard craft of songwriting...

As a songwriter I always think three times before I write my own lyrics. It has to reflect who I am, but at the same time I don't want to fall on cheesy cliches or meaningless verses.
The power of a song's lyrics should be an opportunity to send a substantial message to our audience.

Often you'll see me raging over a song on the radio that has notoriously been made with the only objective of making money.

Why? Don't you, mediocre so-called artists, pre-manufactured producer-whores performers, understand the importance of your words? It pisses me off that famous, influential people don't realize how lucky they are to be able to have an immediate attention to their work and how they can have a positive impact on their fans. I mean, you have the power; DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Now, I'm not saying all songs should talk about politics or current events. But puh-lease, don't tell me that I can go drink 6 bottles of tequila and sleep with two guys because I am young... EXPLICITLY. I have nothing against eroticism. In fact, I embrace it. What I appreciate is the art of writing a song, and the love and dedication you put into it.

So please, don't go backwards on your work and be like Taylor Swift, whose lyrics appear to get dumber and dumber the older (and wiser?) she gets. Show me simplicity, but beautifully. Show me complicated, but with a trick. Make me think a bit. Make me understand what you are going through. Make me relive what you lived.

I started thinking about this post after I got pulled into a song at work. Most of the music we have at our satellite station is CRAP, but every 50 songs there is something good... and new. I just loved the simplicity of the melody, and the catch of the words. A very powerful verse that repeats over and over again... and that honestly it melts me to my feet. "I'm going to make this place your home". A promise. A deal. A wish. Decided. I AM GOING TO. Without hesitation. YOUR HOME. Somewhere you feel safe and loved.
Call me romantic :P
I really hope you like it just as I did.

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