Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What's in a name?

So last Saturday I was walking towards the Skytrain station hoping to take the train to Surrey to see Jeff while daydreaming and talking to myself in my head as usual. Walking from the opposite direction, two girls around my age or maybe a bit younger were  talking about certain friend whose name was Celia*. I thought "Celia. Celia. What a dumb name. It's like a bimbo's name. I would never name my child Celia. A name is supposed to be smart and strong! With a meaning. Something that inspires respect! Like... Like... (at this point I almost had my fist at my chest level, staring into space) Cassandra!"

I giggled to myself (because usually I am my own source of entertainment) and actually curious, I looked up the name Cassandra on the Internet.  I started to dream about the day I had my little girl and give her such a strong and indomitable name, causing admiration on any person that heard the name.

When suddenly, a thought came to my mind: Isn't that a stripper's name?? I quickly texted my reality judge, Jeff, and asked him what he thought about the name Kassandra. 

Jeff: Ummm... It's alright.
Me: Would you consider it a stripper's name?
Jeff: Yeah
Me: What about with a C? Does it make a difference?
Jeff: Nope. Still a whore's name lol

So apparently it didn't matter that the name Cassandra was the name of a Trojan warrior who was given the gift of prophecy by the Greek god Apollo, and that later on Apollo himself had to curse her so nobody would believe her when she prophesied the god's dirty plans. 

Somehow the current civilization and habitants of this planet had given this awesome name a slutty meaning. So thank you, human race! Way to go! Now I have to think about another name for my descendants *sigh*

*Not the real name

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