Monday, 6 February 2012

Stupid Cupid

For 2/3 of this world, the 14 of February is synonim of romantic dates, perhaps at sunset in the fanciest restaurant in town, with a box of chocolates and/or flowers in her hand, and love cards on their bed table. Little birds singing, a light breeze to play with her hair, and Minnie Riperton's "Lovin' You" in the air. He belongs in her arms, and she belongs in his.

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For the rest of people, people like me, this day's just bullshit. But it's not just one more day in the calendar. It's a torture, a laugh in the face to those individuals that are single. In Peru, February 14th is actually called "The day of love and friendship", so nobody really is left out from the celebration. This, my dear friends, is also what I call BULLSHIT. You can include what ever you want in the definition of that day, but it's not going to make single people stop feeling bad because they don't have a significant other.

I HATE Valentine's Day because people that never go out, or never show their love for their partners anymore try to compensate the whole year in one day.
I HATE Valentine's Day because couples fill restaurants, parks, movie theatres, clubs, hotels and what not to the max, and prices double up. If you happen to be a smart human being that sees 02/14 as another day and HAPPEN to go out that evening, you-are-screwed.
I HATE Valentine's Day because it makes single people feel bad for not being in a relationship (even those people that feel great about the single life any other day of the year). Just because your best friend happens to be in a relationship by that time, society makes you feel like a loser.
I HATE Valentine's Day because is a disgusting Marketing strategy to sell you that box of chocolates, that love card, those flowers, that Valentine's movie that you buy. An invention to take your money again. Like Christmas is not enough.
I HATE Valentine's Day because it's so-called the Day of Love, and in my opinion, there is not a higher insult to love than that. Love is not a DAY. Love is everyday. Love is not only to your boyfriend/girlfriend. It's also to yourself, and nowadays so many people don't truly know that. That you can't expect to be loved if you don't love who you are first.

So, where will I be on February 14th? At my boyfriend's, eating dinner that we made ourselves, celebrating that we found each other; but mostly celebrating because it IS an important day for him, and Love is also about making your better half happy. If it makes him smile, it's all what matters.


  1. So. . Much. . Anger!

    Agree on a few points, but I can also enjoy the excuse to lavish someone I fancy a bit extra. . No questions asked.


  2. In Finland it's also called ystävänpäivä = "friend's day." It's way less stressful than in the US!